Art Gallery Hold Harmless Agreement

I am the parent or legal guardian for the person whose name appears above, and on his behalf, you join the waiver above, release and maintenance without damage. The artist undertakes to compensate and compensate the Guild of Arts for all copyright claims arising from the representation of their image. In exchange for the TAG taking into account my artworks, I agree that all risks of copying, stealing, losing or deteriorating my artwork related to the TAG`s decision to exhibit or not exhibit my artwork, or in the context of the exhibition of my artwork, for the duration of the exhibition and including the day-to-day delivery, by and including pickup, and knowingly and voluntarily, release, give birth, care, compensate, and not agree to sue TAG, its executives, directors, members, members, members, agents or owners, and/or phinzuer premises where the exhibition is held (“Free Persons”) not to pursue any claims that I may have or acquire in the future that results from my filing of works of art. for the exhibition of my works of art by the TAG, or while he or I is in the premises where the exhibition takes place, including, but not just to copy, steal, lose or damage my work of art, bodily harm or death, whether it was caused intentionally or because of the negligence of a released person, another person or another cause, to the extent permitted by applicable law. I would like The Art Guild of Port Washington, Inc. (“TAG”) to consider my artworks for the exhibition, as stated in this recording document, and I recognize that the TAG has the right, at its sole discretion, to choose the artwork to be issued. I also recognize that unrelated business or other activities may or will take place at the exhibition site during the exhibition, and I take care of all the risks associated with such activities. I also acknowledge that I have been informed that I must have my own insurance to be protected from the loss, theft or damage of my artwork. I understand and agree that the following waiver, release and detention agreement is binding on my heirs, my beneficiaries of the transfer and the legal representatives. Please note that the digital images you send should be as good as possible. These will be the images that will be displayed in our online gallery.

Try to photograph your image in natural light, make sure the image is straight and there is no glare on the glass or painted surface. For tips on how to photograph your art, click here for a tutorial by TAG member Steve Silberstein. WORLD LINE, VIRTUAL Artist`s Reception – Awards Ceremony – Thursday, August 27, 7:30 p.m. Please indicate your “lastname_firstname_entrynumber_nameofwork” file Submission will not be included in the writing without payment. E-mail images should contain your name, contact information and the title, media, value and size of your email. . Fill out the form below, download images and pay below. If you have problems with the uploader, please email your photos to – with ALL contacts, image titles and media. We`ll charge you for the payment.

The shipment is not included in the curation without payment.

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